Customer Profile: Crawford Signs, Conway, AR

Interview With: Jeff Crawford, Owner

How did you get into the sign business?

I got into the sign business after losing a job. My brother is in the business and formerly my grandfather was in the business.

What types of work do you do?

We are a vinyl and print shop, selling banners, magnets, stickers, yard and storefront signs, storefront window lettering and tinting, business cards, envelopes, and vehicle lettering. We also do sign design and installations.

What is your favorite kind of sign work? Why?

My favorite type of work in the sign business is printing and making full color signs that the customer has designed because you know they will like the end product when fabricated correctly and priced fairly.

What are your biggest challenges in the sign business, day to day?

The biggest challenge in the sign business is the “need it yesterday factor,” as I like to call it. We work hard to inventory the right materials so we can turn things around fairly quickly on a consistent basis, but sometimes the customer’s window of time between placing the order and needing the finished product is extremely narrow.

What’s your favorite thing about the sign business? Your least favorite?

My favorite aspect of the sign business is being responsible for my own success and having the ability to translate hard work and extra hours into more returns to my family.

What equipment / software / materials do you work with every day that you couldn’t live without?

I could not live without FlexiSign Pro, EstiMate, my Mutoh full-color printer, or my Graphtec Cutter.

How do you use EstiMate on a day to day basis?

We use EstiMate every day to help calculate pricing for customer jobs, manage job quotes and orders, and to import completed jobs into our accounting software.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the sign business?

If someone were starting a sign business I would highly recommend EstiMate, QuickBooks and FlexiSign Pro as they are well running, well supported, helpful and fairly-priced software applications that are not overly difficult to learn.

Where do you want your business to be in one year? Five?

In one year, I would like our sign business to be generating $220k in yearly revenues, and in five years to be generating $500k in yearly revenues.

Tell us something personal about yourself – your hobbies, interests?

I enjoy exercising my faith within the sign business, working together with the Creator through prayer, Bible reading and faith, to see His hand and blessing.

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Crawford Signs - Hurley Chiropractic
Crawford Signs
Crawford Signs - A&A
Jeff Crawford
Jeff Crawford, Owner

2820 Prince Street
Suite 120B
Conway, AR 72034

“My favorite type of work in the sign business is printing and making full color signs that the customer has designed.”



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