Customer Profile: Decals & More Inc., Greencastle, PA

Interview With: Jay Sensenig, Owner

How did you get into the sign business?

I started out selling cartoon decals in 1996.

What types of work do you do?

We do trade show displays, vehicle wraps, magnetic signs, banners, artist canvas prints, posters, corporate logos, & much much more. We now have 3 Cutters and 1 Mimaki 54” Printer.

What is your favorite kind of sign work? Why?

Vinyl Banners. We can turn them around very quickly & with the Mimaki Printer we can print full color banners overnight.

What are your biggest challenges in the sign business, day to day?

Getting customers to understand that to do a great design it takes time. Also, to get our customers to try to plan ahead so that they don’t come in at the last minute.

What’s your favorite thing about the sign business?

It is a business where everyone is a potential customer & it is something different every day.

What equipment / software / materials do you work with every day that you couldn’t live without?

EstiMate Sign Pricing Software, the Internet, Flexi Sign, Photoshop, and our Mimaki JV3 Printer & Cutter.

How do you use EstiMate on a day to day basis?

We use it every day. We now use it for estimating, Invoicing, Job Tracking, Vendor info, Customer Info. We have gotten several jobs because the quotes look very professional & plan on implementing more features into our work flow schedule to help my company stay on track.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the sign business?

Like me when I started I didn’t know what to charge or what other people charged. With EstiMate I don’t have to worry about that. It is a very good tool to help me look professional & for giving quotes.

If you wanted to be known in the industry for one thing, what would that be?

Honesty, Reliability, and Fairness.

Where do you want your business to be in one year? Five?

Right now we have 4 employees. My goal is to get everyone working as a team so that everyone loves coming to work. I want to have a company that is well respected in the community and to be able to serve the Lord through my business in some way.

Tell us something personal about yourself – your hobbies, interests?

I really enjoy golf and softball. I have a wonderful wife and 3 kids. Our employees are a great asset to the company also. I really enjoy helping others. Something I am starting is a website called We print decals from scrap vinyl to give away.

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Decals and More Van
Jay Sensenig, Decals And More
Jay Sensenig

Decals & More Inc.
10 E. Walter Ave.
Greencastle, PA 17225

PH: 717-593-0668
F: 717-597-0990

“I want to have a company that is well respected in the community and to be able to serve the Lord through my business in some way.”