EstiMate 2011 Pre-Release Sale Pricing – Save Up To 50%

Outstanding Pre-Release Pricing Available Until October 1, 2010.

Important Note: Please read the original announcement about EstiMate 2011 to learn about the EstiMate 2011 pricing plans.

The pre-release sale prices below are ONLY good until October 1, 2010 – sign up today!

  • If you purchased EstiMate 2 in the last 6 months, you qualify for a 50% discount on your first year using EstiMate 2011.
  • Everybody else (whether you are an EstiMate 2 user or not), receive a 30% discount on your first year using EstiMate 2011.

All pre-release prices require one year’s prepayment. “First Year” means October 1, 2010-September 30,2011.  You get a 30 day money back guarantee (good through one month after EstiMate 2011 is released) if it isn’t everything we promised you it would be.

How To Sign Up

Click Here To Place Your Pre-Order Online Now.

Alternatively, Call us at 1-888-304-3300, or email us at   New customers: when you place your pre-order, we will send you download links and licensing info for 2.0 at no charge to bridge the gap until EstiMate 2011 is released, giving you effectively 14 months to use EstiMate for 30% off of the price of 12 months.

Don’t delay – this outstanding offer will not be repeated and will be over when EstiMate 2011 is released on October 1!

Last Call For EstiMate 2 Upgrades And Plugins!

To upgrade to EstiMate 2 or purchase additional plugins, visit our online store right now for an automatic 15% discount or payment over 6 months.

These items will only be available until EstiMate 2011 is released.

More Feature Announcements Ahead

Keep your eyes peeled over the next 2 months for detailed blogs about the new features in EstiMate 2011, such as Purchase Orders, Vendor Management, and an integrated Job Timer – just for starters!

Your Feedback Is Welcome

Please leave a comment about new features as we blog about them, and let us know what you like and don’t like about where EstiMate’s new feature set is headed.  Our goal is to make EstiMate the most robust pricing and shop management software the sign and graphics industry has ever seen.