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What we learned from the licensing server debacle

Those of you who have been following these posts know that our licensing server died last Wednesday because the host had the  plugged into the hard drive.  This just goes to show you never know when Murphy will visit. The “licensing server” is actually a windows service running on a dedicated Windows server, that interacts [...]

Licensing server woes continue

Unfortunately we are still in limbo with the licensing server.  Apparently when the , it is a different version of Windows and our server binaries won’t run on it.  In order to rebuild the binaries I have to upgrade to the newest version of the database components it uses, and I am waiting for the [...]

Heads Up For Mac Users: VMWare Fusion 30% Off Until Friday

I just saw this scrolling by on Facebook: Get 30% Off VMWare Fusion 3 Through Friday, September 17 EstiMate is Windows software and runs flawlessly in VMWare Fusion. As a matter of fact, EstiMate is developed on a Mac Pro running VMWare Fusion!  So we know it runs really, really well that way. Just thought [...]