EstiMate 2011 Build Just Published

The rollout of EstiMate 2011 has highlighted a few things that needed fixing – and they’re fixed! We expect to roll out a build here and there over the next week or two that will correct any other issues that come up.

In the meantime, click Help > Check For Updates and download the new build.

The issues fixed in this build can be found in the release notes for


  • woow you guys are killing me last year i purchased a single user monthly subscription of estimate, i have been a client since 2004 when i bought Estimate 1.95, now that program is obsolete, i am a handicapped guy and living on social security i have one two jobs that come in for the year, so now about 3 or 4 days ago i purchase the version i can afford….. and i cant email my estimates because i don’t have the full enterprise or whatever you call it edition not fair not fair at All.. Ernesto Tino Ergottino
    C R Graphic Designs Inc … 352-396-6241

    • Mark Smith says:

      Ernesto! I missed this because it was on the blog and got lost in a wash of spam comments. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with emailing. The enterprise version only adds shop management features, the emailing is part of both professional and enterprise. I will have Phillip contact you and get your email up and running.