EstiMate DiamondMine™ – Discover Buried Treasure In Your Business!

DiamondMine - Find Hidden Profit Potential In Your BusinessHave you ever “just known” that if you were more efficient, or organized, you could be making more money from your business?  EstiMate DiamondMine takes those feelings and boils them down to math. Using EstiMate DiamondMine, you can now very easily see where the financial “leaks” are in your business and learn how to plug them, all by answering a few simple questions and generating a free report.

What Brought This Tool About?

For many years, I’ve wanted to add this tool to the website, but one thing or another has always come up and then I forget about it again. Not this time. I wanted to give sign shops (and other small businesses that base their pricing on time and materials) a way to see in a report what I’ve always known in my head — that everything you do, every day, and most importantly even the smallest things — have a drastic impact on your profits over time.

DiamondMine is exciting because it lets you answer just a few simple questions and get immediate feedback about small corrective measures you can take in your business to increase your profits immediately. It’s really amazing to me how easy it is for all of us to let simple things slide that can really hurt us.

For example, getting quotes out late — one of the areas in DiamondMine — can make a big difference in how many jobs you get. We found through talking to thousands of sign shops over the years, as well as in our own experience, that you will lose 20% of the quotes you give out just because a competitor beat you to it. This is completely in your control to fix, just by making sure that you get your quotes out within about 30 minutes of talking to a customer. Easy!

Or how about your hourly rate? How you determine your hourly rate, and how often you update it, can make the difference between getting that new truck or not — seriously!

DiamondMine Is Free

DiamondMine is a completely free tool available to you right here on our website. Answering the questions takes about 30 seconds and you can receive a backup copy of the report by e-mail.

Use DiamondMine Quarterly

You should probably run a DiamondMine report every few months to track your progress and see how you’re doing at any given time. By focusing on the areas covered in DiamondMine, you can keep yourself as profitable as possible and make sure your business is always financially healthy.

Now – Go Check It Out!

Click here to run your own DiamondMine report and see how your business is doing today.


  • Pat T says:

    Thanks for DiamondMine. I’ve checked it out and I like what I’ve seen so far. I’m accustomed to update my pricing annually but I’ll follow your suggestion of every six months.

    • Mark says:

      You’re welcome! I’m thrilled to offer it. Thank you for stopping by and posting. Every 6 months is a good idea, it just keeps you sharp and really does keep you more profitable.