New EstiMate Build Available:

A new EstiMate build has been prepared that addresses several issues and adds quite a few small but helpful new features.

The complete list of changes:


New Features:

  • 33651: File attachments are now limited to 5MB in size.
  • 33652: The option to exclude file attachments when making a backup has been added. This allows smaller backups to be sent to the tech support desk.
  • 33550: The ability to print the material waste calculations for Wide Format and Flatbed Digital printing has been added.
  • 33661: The QuickBooks link now persists the form settings (checkboxes checked, grid column widths, etc.)
  • 33662: Newly copied jobs and estimates now have today’s date; jobs also have the default status flag rather than the status flag of the original job.
  • 33664: Incremental search has been added to the QuickBooks export screen.
  • 33669: You are no longer required to check a box verifying that QuickBooks is running before proceeding with the quickbooks export process.


  • 33646: The left and right arrows to scroll through open estimates on the customer dashboard were covered by the customer’s phone number.
  • 33659: The headers were missing from the top of the columns on the printed purchase order.
  • 33660: The Screen Printed Signs and Thermal Printing plugins now show dimensions as width and height rather than width and length.
  • 33654: The transactions by date report failed when sorted by customer name.
  • 33655: The total lines on the Transactions by Date report were cut off on the left side.
  • 33656: When copying a job or estimate that has been sent to quickbooks, the copy was still marked as having been sent and didn’t show up in the Export to QB list.
  • 33665: When another network user saved a job or estimate, the open list would jump around.
  • 33670: Duplicate job and estimate numbers should not be able to happen anymore. New behavior is that when another user on the network saves a job or estimate, and you are working on a new, unsaved one, you will actually see the number change on the one you are working on!

This build is still in testing but so far stable.  It will be released later this week but I wanted to give everyone a heads up if you want to get it sooner.

Download links are:

EstiMate (29.4 mb)

EstiMate Multi-User Server (8 mb)

The link for the Multi-User Server is for those of you who like to keep everything up-to-date; it is not necessary to update the server to use this build.  EstiMate is compatible with all previous versions of the server.

Enjoy, and have a great week!



  • Rutledge Pearson says:

    I have been trying to reload estimate onto my computer for a few days now, however I’ve received not response.
    please contact me ASAP or I will take my business elsewhere. I like the product but I think your CS dept.(customer service) is second tier at best.
    R. Pearson
    Sign Professional