What we learned from the licensing server debacle

Those of you who have been following these posts know that our licensing server died last Wednesday because the host had the wrong voltage power cord plugged into the hard drive.  This just goes to show you never know when Murphy will visit.

The “licensing server” is actually a windows service running on a dedicated Windows server, that interacts with our customer database and generates license files for you.  The process we had to go through to get it running was:

  1. Rebuild IIS and the secure server
  2. Reinstall our customer database software (an in house written project) and restore from a backup
  3. Rebuild the licensing server services (one for EstiMate 2 and one for EstiMate 2011/Desktop) and bring them back online

What we’ve done to ensure this won’t happen again is we’ve got the host making nightly drive image backups so we can theoretically get back up online within a day or sooner if this happens again.

Thanks for your patience in the process. Now we can get back to work on an EstiMate update and deploying our new website.  Keep your eyes peeled and have a super week!