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Flatbed Digital Print Pricing

It's easy to price flatbed digital printing with EstiMate.

Flatbed Digital Printing Plugin

To price flatbed digital prints:

  1. Select the print media for the job
  2. Specify the quantity, width, and height of the prints
  3. Choose the printer, print mode and ink
  4. Tell EstiMate about the surface prep, RIP time, and laminates

And that's it! Any of these items can be pre-selected in the configuration screen so you don't have to choose them every time.

EstiMate comes pre-loaded with large lists of print media, printers and inks and it's a snap to add your own printers and materials.

Flatbed Digital Printing Plugin Material Waste Screen

The material waste tab will show you how the prints will lay out on your media and tell you how much drop you will have on the job.

Click here for an overview of all the common parts of an EstiMate pricing screen.