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Fast, process specific
quoting with EstiMate’s
industry famous
pricing screens.

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Job tickets, invoicing,
work orders, timesheets,
purchase orders...
EstiMate has you covered.

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Dashboards, Reporting,
Notes & File Attachments,
Transaction Export to
QuickBooks & Much More!

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Sign Estimating & Business Management Made Easy

EstiMate makes you money every time you use it.

What EstiMate offers that other software doesn't is Future-casting: with rock solid pricing technology and a forward facing view of your finances, EstiMate will guarantee that you achieve your goals in business and life every time you use it.

Sign companies have lowballed each other and operated at low profits for too long. EstiMate sign estimating software levels the playing field by giving you tools to determine what you need to make in order to cover your costs and achieve your profit goals, then making sure every single job is priced to meet your target – all the while giving you professional printed, faxed or emailed estimates that you can have in your customer's hand literally minutes after getting the job specs.

EstiMate also offers you customer and vendor relationship management, job tracking, production tools, work-in-progress reporting, job material lists, purchase orders, and much, much more.

Mark, I've got to hand it to you. I downloaded your demo off the web and within 1 hour had it installed, configured and pumped out 3 estimates. I then spent another hour and a half calculating prices for the same signs the "old way" just to find myself within 5% of ESTIMATE's price. One of the quotes I faxed to a customer from my PC while she was still on the phone. She was so pleased with the quick service that she signed the estimate and faxed it right back. The best one though, was a quote that I had figured both manually and with ESTIMATE. Estimate's price came up 35% higher than mine (I underestimated my labor). I figured I'd present the printed estimate to the customer with the higher price and see what happened. Much to my surprise, he looked at the estimate and said, "that's about what I figured I'd spend". The price difference was enough to pay for the software! I believe a computer generated price is much more credible to the consumer than a hip-shot quote. Thanks for giving us a tool to make that easy to do!

-- Pete Kouchis, Say it with SIGNS, Inc., Orland Park, IL