24 Free Social Media Network Icons

Download These Social Media Network Icons For Free

I’ve been wanting some icons that would match the blog’s new look, for readers to click on and submit articles to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and others, so I designed a full set while I was at it that anyone is welcome to use for free.  These social media network icons can be used on your blogs, websites, etc. for linking to all the most popular networks.

These free social media icons have a “parchment” or “torn paper” look, and they look great on any background.  The goal was to create some icons that just look super classy.

Here’s how the icons look on a transparent background:

Here they are on a white background:

And, here they are on a black background:

Attribution Would Be Appreciated.

You are welcome to download these icons for linking to your favorite social networks and use them freely.  If you use them, however, I would appreciate it if you would place an attribution link to estimatesoftware.com.

Also, if you use them, drop me a note at mark (at) estimatesoftware (dot) com.  I’d love to see how they look in the wild!

Here are the download links:

These icons are 40×40 pixels, saved as 32 bit transparent PNG files.

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