Good, Better, Best Pricing with Estimate

Good, Better, Best Pricing Is A Great Way To Upsell Customers

Gas Pumps :: EstiMate Sign Pricing Software BlogOne really cool trick with EstiMate is to offer good, better, best pricing scenarios to your customers.  If you couple good, better, best pricing with decoy marketing you can usually capture more dollars for your work.

EstiMate makes good, better, best pricing very easy to do. In a nutshell, what you’re doing is presenting three levels of pricing to your customer — the “good” level is, essentially, what they came for. The “better” level can be used more as a stepping stone to the “best” level, which is what you want to sell them.

To accomplish good, better, best pricing with EstiMate, the first thing to do is to create your basic quote for what your customer ordered and add it to your estimate. Here’s an example of an estimate with one single item on it, representing the “good” level.

Quote with one item on it :: EstiMate Sign Pricing Software Blog

For sake of example, what we’re talking about here is a sign made on aluminum clad plywood (NuAlum or the equivalent) with the good level being basic vinyl graphics, the better level being vinyl graphics with a digital print, and the best level being a fully digitally printed panel.

Once you’ve created all three line items on your quote (example below) you are in a position to implement the good, better, best strategy.

Three items on quote :: EstiMate Sign Pricing Software Blog

Next you print your quote, being sure to uncheck the “Print Totals on Estimate” checkbox on the print screen. Then, add a custom message to your quote asking your customer to select the level they are looking for, circle it on the quote, sign the quote and fax it back to you.

Print Totals On Estimate Button :: EstiMate Sign Pricing Software Blog

And that’s how you can automate good, better, best pricing using EstiMate!